THR History: Ten Years of the Original Desktop Amplifier

Part I: From Concept to Desktop THR® product development began with what seemed like a specifically Japanese problem. With generally smaller living spaces and significantly higher population density than in the West, it could be difficult for Japanese guitarists to practice without disturbing their neighbors. “We always had a hard time playing guitar with great… Continue reading THR History: Ten Years of the Original Desktop Amplifier

Record Store Day 2020 | Part II

One of the biggest annual events on the music calendar, Record Store Day is when independent record shops around the world come together to celebrate their unique culture. Special vinyl releases are made exclusively for the day and many shops and cities host artist performances and events to mark the occasion. This year, due to… Continue reading Record Store Day 2020 | Part II

Yamaha THR-II | Yvette Young

Artist, pianist, and guitarist and songwriter for instrumental math-rock band Covet, Yvette Young shares how teaching herself to play guitar empowered her, explains how she developed her playing technique, and tells us why she brings her THR30II Wireless with her on tour. Hi Yvette. Thank you for taking the time out to chat with us.… Continue reading Yamaha THR-II | Yvette Young

Yamaha THR-II | Jeff Schroeder

Yamaha artist Jeff Schroeder is a guitarist with The Smashing Pumpkins. We spoke to him about the band’s most recent tour, his new project Night Dreamer, and his experience with the new THR30II Wireless amplifier. Hi Jeff! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us.The Smashing Pumpkins have just finished a huge tour with… Continue reading Yamaha THR-II | Jeff Schroeder

Artist Insight | Jason Corbett

From Vancouver, Canada, ACTORS make waves with a modern take on post-punk. “There’s an honesty in good music,” says ACTORS frontman Jason Corbett, who writes, produces, mixes, and masters all of the band’s music at his Jacknife Sound studio. “So, whether it’s what you like or don’t like–you can hear when it’s real, when it’s… Continue reading Artist Insight | Jason Corbett

NAMM House | Poolside Sessions

Seeking some chill time away from the hectic Anaheim Convention Centre where the 2018 NAMM Show was in full swing, we set up camp a short drive away where we could host some of our European artists for some laid back sessions. Check them out… Hyleen | Pacifica From France we welcomed Hyleen, Nicolas Viccaro… Continue reading NAMM House | Poolside Sessions

Record Store Day 2017 | DOYLE

It’s our favourite annual holiday…Record Store Day! “But every day is Record Store Day!” we hear you say. True, but today we’d like to get wrapped up in the hype and celebrate it with some of our Yamaha Guitars Family!First up Misfit DOYLE… Hey DOYLE! What are your all-time favorite records? Pain Killer Judah PriestQueen IIKISS… Continue reading Record Store Day 2017 | DOYLE