Custom Shop | Matteo Mancuso’s Revstar

Matteo Mancuso | Custom Revstar

Many fans first heard Italian guitarist Matteo Mancuso when SNIPS, a jazz/fusion band based in Sicily, released a video performance of “The Chicken.” With more than a million views on YouTube, the video is a showcase for his musicianship and unique fingerpicking technique, as he interprets the jazz-funk standard on his Revstar. Matteo recently collaborated… Continue reading Custom Shop | Matteo Mancuso’s Revstar

Artist Insight | Alli Walker

Singer-songwriter Alli Walker grew up in Prince Edward Island, Canada, playing piano, drums, and bagpipes. A self-confessed “tomboy” who took great pleasure in beating the boys in drum battles, Alli later discovered Avril Lavigne and Taylor Swift: two strong female artists who inspired her to pick up and play the guitar in a typically “all-boys… Continue reading Artist Insight | Alli Walker

Yamaha THR-II | Yvette Young

Artist, pianist, and guitarist and songwriter for instrumental math-rock band Covet, Yvette Young shares how teaching herself to play guitar empowered her, explains how she developed her playing technique, and tells us why she brings her THR30II Wireless with her on tour. Hi Yvette. Thank you for taking the time out to chat with us.… Continue reading Yamaha THR-II | Yvette Young

Artist Insight | Johnny Lloyd

Hello Johnny, thanks for taking the time to chat with us today. Let’s start out with an introduction. For anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure of listening to Johnny Lloyd, how would you introduce yourself and your music? I’m a singer-songwriter. I was originally in the band Tribes from 2010 to 2013. We had Top… Continue reading Artist Insight | Johnny Lloyd

Yamaha THR-II | Jeff Schroeder

Yamaha artist Jeff Schroeder is a guitarist with The Smashing Pumpkins. We spoke to him about the band’s most recent tour, his new project Night Dreamer, and his experience with the new THR30II Wireless amplifier. Hi Jeff! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us.The Smashing Pumpkins have just finished a huge tour with… Continue reading Yamaha THR-II | Jeff Schroeder

Custom Shop | Nathan East

Nathan East | Custom Headless Bass

Nathan East has been a Yamaha artist for more than three decades and remains one of the world’s most sought-after musicians. As a bassist, producer & songwriter, Nathan has collaborated with numerous top artists from Barry White and Kenny Loggins to Eric Clapton and Anita Baker. His Grammy Award winning steady groove and bass lines… Continue reading Custom Shop | Nathan East

Artist Insight | Jason Corbett

From Vancouver, Canada, ACTORS make waves with a modern take on post-punk. “There’s an honesty in good music,” says ACTORS frontman Jason Corbett, who writes, produces, mixes, and masters all of the band’s music at his Jacknife Sound studio. “So, whether it’s what you like or don’t like–you can hear when it’s real, when it’s… Continue reading Artist Insight | Jason Corbett

Butch Walker | RubyRed Productions Insight

Butch Walker | Custom SA2200

Artist, songwriter, and Grammy nominated producer Butch Walker has been hailed by Rolling Stone as “one of America’s best singer-songwriters.”The Yamaha artist invited us into his RubyRed Productions studio in Santa Monica, where along with his own records, he has produced music by the likes of Weezer, Fall Out Boy, Taylor Swift, The Struts, P!NK, and Brian… Continue reading Butch Walker | RubyRed Productions Insight

The Ongoing History of Yamaha Folk Guitar

Yamaha celebrated the 50th anniversary of Yamaha Guitars in 2016, marking the year in which we first began exporting guitars outside of Japan. Nineteen-sixty-six was also the year in which we introduced our first steel-string acoustics: the FG-Series folk guitars. Many of those guitars had an instantly identifiable red label on the inside, and for… Continue reading The Ongoing History of Yamaha Folk Guitar

Artist Insight | Jacob Berry

Yamaha artist Jacob Berry plays guitar and keys for indie rock band Two Door Cinema Club. We talk to him about his inspirations as a guitarist, what he looks for in a guitar and his experiences with the band. Yamaha Guitars: Hey Jacob! Thanks for taking some time out to chat with us. Let’s start out… Continue reading Artist Insight | Jacob Berry