Yamaha Guitar Development Open House Online

The workshop at Yamaha Guitar Development

We recently celebrated 30 years of Yamaha Guitar Development during YGD’s debut Open House Online, which ‚Äčstreamed live on Thursday, August 13, 2020, from 11:00 am to 5:30 pm (PDT). Ampeg and Line 6 also participated in the event. The illuminating, artist-centric event marked the very first time the inner workings of the Yamaha Guitar… Continue reading Yamaha Guitar Development Open House Online

Custom Shop Chat | Billy Sheehan ATTITUDE LTD 3

Billy Sheehan | Custom Attitude Limited 3

Bass legend and longtime Yamaha artist Billy Sheehan has played bass on dozens of records and toured all over the world for many decades, his unique and original style of playing has been celebrated and documented everywhere. His playing, singing, songwriting, and contributions to his many recordings have resulted in millions of records sold, Platinum… Continue reading Custom Shop Chat | Billy Sheehan ATTITUDE LTD 3

Billy Sheehan’s Acrylic Bass!

Billy Sheehan | Custom Acrylic Attitude

Billy Sheehan’s ability to weave the needs of his playing style into the design of his instruments is uncanny. Every aspect of his signature Attitude bass has been thought out and tested over and over again on the road for years, with continuing new models coming out every so often as refinements of his original… Continue reading Billy Sheehan’s Acrylic Bass!