Trading Licks: Phrasing on the Downbeat of Two

In this month’s “Trading Licks” session we’ll be playing over a really cool E Mixolydian progression. We’ll be targeting the characteristic note and starting each two-bar phrase on the downbeat of two. We’ll be using the E Minor Pentatonic Scale and the E Blues Scale for our melodic device, and I’ve intentionally started each of… Continue reading Trading Licks: Phrasing on the Downbeat of Two

Yamaha Guitars Pride 2022

In celebration of Pride this year, we’ve put together a collective playlist highlighting songs and artists from the LGBTQ+ community, as well as some allies. Chosen by Yamaha Guitars employees from different roles and locations around the world, these tracks each hold a special meaning for us and we’ve included a few below. Enjoy!  Harry… Continue reading Yamaha Guitars Pride 2022

International Women’s Day 2019 | #WithHerGuitar Contest

Happy International Women’s Day! The theme this year is #balanceforbetter and to do our bit to help strike that balance in the music industry we’re launching the #WithHerGuitar campaign where we’ll hear from Yamaha artists on what inspired them to pick up a guitar and also give YOU a chance to win an instrument. Tell… Continue reading International Women’s Day 2019 | #WithHerGuitar Contest