Custom Shop Chat | Pat Campolattano

NAMM 2018 | Custom Revstars

Based out of our Yamaha Artist Services Facility in Los Angeles (YASLA), Yamaha Guitars designer & luthier Pat Campolattano is the man behind many of our custom models, as well as the go-to guy for artist modifications. YASLA is all about tying together unparalleled Artist support with R&D to make better instruments. It doesn’t matter… Continue reading Custom Shop Chat | Pat Campolattano


Tokyo Hiro | Custom Revstar

At this year’s NAMM Show we unveiled a hand painted custom Revstar as part of a collaboration with iconic Tattoo Artist Tokyo Hiro. For those of you who haven’t heard of Tokyo Hiro yet, settle in. His Japanese origin mixed with Punk Rock LA style is refreshing. When we stumbled across his Instagram feed full… Continue reading INK, PUNK AND GUITARS | TOKYO HIRO

DREAMCAR BB | Tony Kanal

Tony Kanal | Custom BB

Our relationship with Tony Kanal is a special one, one that we are sincerely proud of. Since ’87 when he borrowed money from his Dad to buy his first Bass (a natural finish BB1600) to play shows after school, over 2 decades with ska/pop-rock legends No Doubt, to present day & the beautiful custom BB3000… Continue reading DREAMCAR BB | Tony Kanal

Billy Sheehan’s Acrylic Bass!

Billy Sheehan’s ability to weave the needs of his playing style into the design of his instruments is uncanny. Every aspect of his signature Attitude bass has been thought out and tested over and over again on the road for years, with continuing new models coming out every so often as refinements of his original… Continue reading Billy Sheehan’s Acrylic Bass!

SG1802 Stevie D Custom

Stevie D | Custom SBG

SG1802 Stevie D Custom Mahogany body Mahogany neck Nitrocellulose lacquer finish Rosewood fingerboard with ‘D’ inlay on 12th fret Thorn Guitars GT-90 neck McNelly Cornucopia custom P-90 housing bridge Gotoh 510 tuners Tonepros AVRII bridge Bigsby B7 tremolo

“New” BB414 for Robby Takac

Robby Takac | Custom BB

There’s nothing worse for many musicians than putting the first ding or scratch into a brand new instrument. It hurts! For Robby Takac of the Goo Goo Dolls though, the more beat up his Yamaha BBs the better. Here’s the process behind Robby’s BB414s: First, we take brand new bass from the rack and immediately… Continue reading “New” BB414 for Robby Takac

Tony Kanal Custom BB3000

Tony Kanal | Custom BB

One of Tony Kanal’s favorite basses is a BB3000 he bought in Japan while on tour there in the late ’90s. With that in mind, when we started putting together the concept with Tony for his next YGD BB we decided getting our hands on an original would be a cool starting place. The BB3000… Continue reading Tony Kanal Custom BB3000