Yamaha FG 'Start Here FG' campaign terms and conditions

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Before entering this contest, please read and agree to the following terms:

FG180-50TH will be presented to one winner.

Method of Entry
On either Facebook or Instagram, send a message addressed to the respective accounts listed below with an attached photograph of you and your Yamaha FG series guitar. Be sure to include the text "StartHereFG" within the message.

•Anyone who owns a Yamaha FG series guitar and who fulfills the other criteria listed below is eligible.
•Entry requires (free) registration with Facebook or Instagram.
•Entrants must follow Yamaha Guitar Development's official Facebook account or official Instagram account. Yamaha will confirm participants' intentions to enter on receiving messages with photographs (still images only) showing the participants with their Yamaha FG series guitars.
•Employees of any Yamaha Group company or their relatives are ineligible.
•Participation is limited to residents of Japan, Canada, the United States (the 50 states and the District of Columbia), and Europe (territories under the remit of Yamaha Music Europe GmbH; for details, refer to Sales Territories of Yamaha Music Europe GmbH at the link below).
URL: http://europe.yamaha.com/en/about_yamaha/corporate_profile/

Conditions of Entry
•Contest entry shall be deemed to be an agreement to these terms.
•No Yamaha Group company shall bear any responsibility in the event of any harm incurred as a result of someone posting an entry message.
•Posters shall be responsible for the resolution of any complaints or objections from third parties following the posting of an entry message, and no Yamaha Group company shall be involved whatsoever in any such disputes. Furthermore, if any damages are incurred in such cases, all Yamaha Group companies shall be held harmless from all liability.
Please comply with the following rules:
•Do not post anything contrary to public order or decency.
•Do not post anything that libels or defames another person.
•Do not post content that violates laws or legal orders.
•Do not post anything for profit-making purposes.
•Do not post anything that incites criminal behavior.
•Do not post any photographs taken without the permission of the subjects.
•Do not post anything that includes personally identifying information.
•Do not post content that violates the rights of a third party.
•Do not engage in any behaviors that would hinder this promotion.
•Do not engage in any behaviors that would prevent other potential participants from entering this promotion.
•Do not engage in any behaviors substantively similar to those listed above.
•Additionally, when accessing Facebook or Instagram, please comply with the respective sites' terms of service, as well as these terms.
•During the promotion period, you may enter multiple times, even from the same account.
•Be aware that Yamaha will not respond to any inquiries concerning entry confirmations or contest results.
•Participants shall bear any costs, such as data or voice charges, relating to contest entry.
•Anything posted may be displayed on Yamaha Group company web sites and official SNS accounts. Please understand that there will be no notifications to individuals of such usage.

Entry Deadline
All entries must be received no later than 11:59 PM, Pacific Standard Time (PST), on Monday, February 15, 2016.

Selection and Announcement of the Winner
•The contest office will conduct a rigorous selection process. A direct message will be sent to the winner from the account on Facebook or Instagram that the winner is following to inform him or her of the win and to provide instructions concerning shipment of the prize. *The shipment of the prize is scheduled for mid- to late-March 2016. Please understand that circumstances could affect the date.
•The selected winner shall forfeit the prize if he or she stops following the Yamaha Guitar Development account, thus making it impossible to send a direct message, or if the selected winner does not reply by the time specified in the instructions sent.
•If it is impossible to contact the winner for any other reason, the selected winner shall forfeit the right to be selected to win.
•Please understand that Yamaha may, at its discretion, change the prize, schedule, or other details of the promotion.
•If any participant makes a false representation in his or her entry, he or she shall no longer be eligible to enter the contest.
•The right to win shall belong solely to the winner and may not be transferred; exchanged for money or otherwise sold; or granted to a third party in any fashion. Furthermore, reselling of the prize is strictly forbidden.
•If Yamaha determines that there has been any misconduct, violation of these terms, or other behavior in violation of the spirit of this promotion, Yamaha may revoke the concerned person’s eligibility, nullify his or her win, or demand the return of the prize.

Alterations, Postponements, and Discontinuation
Yamaha may, without informing participants before the fact, alter, postpone, or discontinue this promotion. Except in cases of intentional damage or gross negligence, Yamaha will be held harmless from all liability for any damages incurred by a user or third party during this contest.

Participants’ personally identifying information shall be used for the purposes of selecting the contest winner and sending the prize, and shall be appropriately maintained by Yamaha Corporation. Participants' personal information shall not be disclosed or provided to any third party, other than subcontractors, without participants' consent (except in cases in which disclosure is mandated by legislation, legal order, or other such mechanism).
For other information concerning the handling of customers' personal information, refer to the Yamaha Corporation and Yamaha Group privacy policy*.

http://usa.yamaha.com/privacy_policy/ (English)
http://jp.yamaha.com/privacy_policy/ (Japanese)


商品の詳細は、Yamaha Guitar Developmentアカウントにて、2016年1月21日(PST:太平洋時間)に発表させていただきます。


・Yamaha Guitar Development公式Facebookアカウント又は公式Instagramアカウントをフォローいただき、ご自身とヤマハFGシリーズのギターが写った写真(静止画のみ)をメッセージでお送りいただくことで応募の意思確認とさせていただきます。
・日本、カナダ、アメリカ(50州とコロンビア特別区内)、欧州(Yamaha Music Europe GmbH管轄内、具体的には以下リンク先の”Sales Territories of Yamaha Music Europe GmbH”の項目をご参照下さい)、在住の方に限定させていただきます。

•投稿いただいた内容を、ヤマハグループ各社のWebサイトや公式SNSアカウントにおいて紹介させていただくことがございます。 個別にお知らせすることはございませんので、あらかじめご了承ください。


•キャンペーン事務局にて厳正なる選考抽選を行います。ご当選者様には、フォローいただいたアカウントからご当選者様のアカウントへダイレクトメッセージをお送りし、当選のご連絡とプレゼント発送に関するご案内をさせていただきます。 ※ 賞品の発送は2016年3月中旬~下旬頃を予定しておりますが、諸事情により多少前後する場合もございますことをあらかじめご了承ください。


その他お客様の個人情報の取扱いにつきましては、ヤマハ株式会社およびヤマハグループ各社の個人情報保護方針* をご参照ください。

http://usa.yamaha.com/privacy_policy/ (English)
http://jp.yamaha.com/privacy_policy/ (Japanese)