THR History: Ten Years of the Original Desktop Amplifier

THR® product development began with what seemed like a specifically Japanese problem. With generally smaller living spaces and significantly higher population density than in the West, it could be difficult for Japanese guitarists to practice without disturbing their neighbors.

YGD Custom Shop | Fred Kosak’s Custom FG Guitar

Andrew Enns, a Senior Acoustic Guitar Builder at the Yamaha Guitar Development custom shop in Calabasas, California, recently built a one-of-a-kind FG acoustic guitar for Fred Kosak of Stillhouse Junkies. Learn more about Fred and the guitar.

Custom Acoustics from California: An Interview with Andrew Enns of Yamaha Guitar Development

Yamaha Guitar Development is a custom shop in Calabasas, California, where luthiers build acoustic, electric, and bass guitars for Yamaha artists. The shop is also a research & development facility, contributing to production guitars that are available to customers around the world. In this interview, Senior Acoustic Guitar Builder Andrew Enns talks about his approach to the craft and his collaboration process with the engineers in Japan.

Coming Soon: A New Look for the YGD Blog

We’ve been inspired by the new Model Citizens blog from our friends at Line 6. Please check it out if you’re interested in modeling, the musicians who use it, and the music they make with it.

Record Store Day 2021: How I Got Nominated for a Grammy

In celebration of this year's Record Store Day, Tim Baker, Yamaha Guitar Group Product Marketing Manager for Yamaha Acoustic Guitars, tells the story of how he got nominated for a Grammy.

Record Store Day 2021: Analog, Digital, and the Joy of Listening

In celebration of this year's Record Store Day, Dave Miner, Yamaha Guitar Group Product Marketing Manager for Yamaha Electric Guitars, Basses, and Amplifiers, shares one of his most memorable vinyl purchases, discusses the listening experience in comparison to digital, and considers the parallels to guitar.

Record Store Day 2020 | Part III

Record Store Day is when independent record shops around the world come together to celebrate their unique culture. Due to COVID-19 this year's RSD is split across 3 dates: 29th August, 26th September and 24th October. Around these dates we have been joining in the celebrations with stories from Yamaha artists about their favourite records and local stores

Record Store Day 2020 | Part II

Record Store Day is when independent record shops around the world come together to celebrate their unique culture. Due to COVID-19 this year's RSD is split across 3 dates: 29th August, 26th September and 24th October. Around these dates we will be joining in the celebrations with stories from Yamaha artists about their favourite records and local stores.

Record Store Day 2020 | Part I

Record Store Day is when independent record shops around the world come together to celebrate their unique culture. Due to COVID-19 this year's RSD will be split across 3 dates: 29th August, 26th September and 24th October. Around these dates we will be joining in the celebrations with stories from Yamaha artists about their favourite records and local stores.

Yamaha Guitar Development Open House Online

We recently celebrated 30 years of Yamaha Guitar Development by holding an online open house featuring a number of renowned artists, in collaboration with Line 6 and Ampeg.

Custom Shop | Matteo Mancuso's Revstar

Yamaha artist Matteo Mancuso’s musicianship and unique fingerpicking technique impress all who witness his playing. Often described as a virtuoso, the jazz/fusion guitarist from Sicily has amassed millions of YouTube views. Recently, Mancuso collaborated with our Los Angeles custom shop to design a Revstar personalized to his preferences in taste and tone.

Artist Insight | Alli Walker

A recent addition to the Yamaha Guitars family playing a STORIA I guitar, we talked to singer-songwriter Alli Walker about her journey as a musician, her ‘Mindful Music’ and ‘Conscious Country’ initiative, and why her STORIA I is the perfect fit for her.

Yamaha THR-II | Yvette Young

Artist, pianist, and guitarist and songwriter for instrumental math-rock band Covet, Yvette Young shares how teaching herself to play guitar empowered her, explains how she developed her playing technique, and tells us why she brings her THR30II Wireless with her on tour.

Artist Insight | Johnny Lloyd

Following the release of his latest album “Next Episode Starts in 15 Seconds”, we visited UK Singer-Songwriter Johnny Lloyd out on his UK tour. As well as catching a great performance, we spent some time with the FG artist, learning about his background, the writing process he follows, and what is important to him in a guitar.

Yamaha THR-II | Jeff Schroeder

We recently spoke to The Smashing Pumpkins guitarist Jeff Schroeder about the band’s most recent tour, his new project Night Dreamer, and his experience with the new THR30II Wireless amplifier.

Custom Shop | Nathan East

Out of the Yamaha Artist Services in LA, our Senior Guitar Designer and Luthier Pat Campolattano recently built a special custom model for bass legend and longtime Yamaha artist Nathan East. A story which starts with a call from John Patitucci…

Artist Insight | Jason Corbett

ACTORS’ frontman and guitarist Jason Corbett has recently joined the Yamaha Guitars family, playing Revstar RS620 and RS502T guitars. Jason took some time out from the band’s European tour to chat with us about his influences, the story of his first guitar, and what he looks for in a guitar now.

Butch Walker | RubyRed Productions Insight

Artist, songwriter, and producer Butch Walker welcomed us into his Santa Monica studio RubyRed Productions, where along with his own records, he has produced music by the likes of Weezer, Fall Out Boy, Taylor Swift, The Struts, P!NK, and Brian Fallon. As well as giving us an insight into his world of producing, we take a look at his treasure-trove of Yamaha Guitars-ranging from vintage FG to the latest BB.

The Ongoing History of Yamaha Folk Guitar

Today as we launch the new FG and FS Red Label guitars, here's a look back at the history of the Yamaha Folk Guitar.

Artist Insight | Jacob Berry

Yamaha artist Jacob Berry plays guitar and keys for indie rock band Two Door Cinema Club. We talk to him about his inspirations as a guitarist, what he looks for in a guitar, and his experiences with the band.

International Women's Day 2019 | #WithHerGuitar Contest

Happy International Women’s Day! The theme this year is #BalanceforBetter, so to celebrate we’d like to encourage and enable more women to start playing guitar or bass with our #WithHerGuitar campaign. Find out how to take part to win a Revstar RS320, APX600 or BB234...

Custom Shop Chat | Billy Sheehan ATTITUDE LTD 3

Bass legend and long time Yamaha artist Billy Sheehan has played bass on dozens of records and toured all over the world for many decades, his unique and original style of playing has been celebrated and documented everywhere. Read about how we customized one of Billy's signature Attitude Limited 3 basses for him out of our Artist Services Facility in LA.

Custom Shop | #YGDConcept Guitars

For NAMM 2019, our Senior Guitar Designer and Luthier Pat Campolattano worked his magic on a range of unique, one-off design concept guitars, based on Revstar and Pacifica models. Find out the details...

Artist Insight | Travis Vance & Nathan Whitney

Yamaha artists Travis Vance and Nathan Whitney together perform in Pop - Country star Thomas Rhett’s band, playing to fans in stadiums worldwide. We sat down with the guitarist and bassist to talk about what they look for in their gear, musicians who inspire them, and how it feels to play on stage in front of tens of thousands of people.

Custom Shop Chat | Jade Puget's Revstar

Custom shop chat with guitarist, producer, songwriter, synthesist and one quarter of hardcore punk revivalists AFI (A Fire Inside) Jade Puget, and Yamaha Guitar Designer and Luthier Pat Campolattano. Find out the story on Jade's new custom Revstar...

Artist Insight | Laura Jane Grace

"I believe that every guitar has a soul, not quite a consciousness but pretty close to it." In the midst of the debut Laura Jane Grace & The Devouring Mothers album release excitement, we were lucky enough to get some of guitarist, songwriter, front-woman and transgender rights activist Laura's rare free time to chat about her inspirations, her relationship with her guitars and how her albums can be seen as snap shots of times in her life.

Artist Insight | Freya Ridings

A new addition to the Yamaha Guitars family, 24 year old singer songwriter Freya Ridings took some time to talk with us about her journey, what she looks for in a guitar, and how it feels to have a crowd sing her words back to her.

Custom Shop Chat | Shakira's Gold Revstar

Colombian singer-songwriter and Grammy winner Shakira was looking for a solid gold guitar to match fit the theme of her El Dorado tour. With a Revstar already in her rig, we took up the challenge from our Yamaha Artist Services LA.

Custom Shop Chat | Scott Holiday's "Big Daddy" Revstar

"You’ll be seeing this guitar on stage every night. And really - that’s the ultimate testament." Custom shop chat with Rival Sons' Scott Holiday and Yamaha Guitars designer and luthier Pat Campolattano about Scott's new hollowbody Revstar he's nicknamed the "Big Daddy" Revstar...

Artist Insight | Katie Cole

"My career comes with a lot of hyphens." - Australian-born, Nashville-based singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and Yamaha Artist, Katie Cole took some time to talk to us about her musical beginnings, inspirations and playing with The Smashing Pumpkins.

Yamaha Artists talk influential records for Record Store Day 2018

We celebrated this year's Record Store Day by finding out which records were influential to a number of Yamaha artists and why.

Female Artists Take Control for International Women’s Day 2018

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2018 we invited some of our female artists to take over control of our Instagram for the day, with zero idea of what they would get up to. Find out what went down…

Custom Shop Chat | Pat Campolattano

You may have heard about some uniquely beautiful custom Yamaha Revstar models doing the rounds at this year's NAMM Show. These creations were imagined and realised by our very own guitar luthier Pat Campolattano out of our Calabasas facility. After witnessing such a great reception to these models we sat down with Pat to get some details on these to share with the Guitar World.

NAMM House | Poolside Sessions

In the Californian sunshine, away from the chaos of this year’s NAMM Show we invited some artists to hang out for some jams and to check out our latest gear.


Iconic Tattoo Artist Tokyo Hiro on his Japanese heritage, perfecting his craft & his first (and maybe last!) experience "tattooing" a guitar...

Revstar on the Reeperbahn | Freddie Edwards

UK Alternative Pop trio Flawes also joined Hamburg's Reeperbahn Festival with 4 great shows across the weekend in German's second city. We crashed some of Guitarist Freddie's brief down time to talk his Revstar RS720B, making BBC Introducing's 'Track of the Day' & being snapped up by Red Bull Records.

DREAMCAR BB | Tony Kanal

"All of it was done in a very creative space without having any outside opinions to contend with. It was just four guys making music. That’s a real luxury to have." We talk with long time Yamaha BB artist Tony Kanal about his new band DREAMCAR & his stunning new custom bass to match their debut album.

Revstar on the Reeperbahn 2017 | Noa Lachmi

Yamaha Artist Noa Lachmi travelled to the legendary part of Hamburg’s St. Pauli district from Denmark with her band Velvet Volume for their first international show (…and second… and third. In 3 days…) at the Reeperbahn Festival. Noa squeezed us in to her busy schedule to chat Revstars, playing in a band with her sisters and recording the theme for an iconic cartoon series…


"It doesn’t sound like any other, it’s almost got an uprighty sound. The necks are so awesome and super easy to play. They got the long scale and they just sound amazing and they fit exactly where you want them to fit in the mix too.” Eagles of Death Metal, Masters of reality, Mojave lords, earthlings? & Gnarltones guitarist and iconic Rancho De La Luna studio host Dave Catching talks his magic Yamaha Bass, life at his studio and his wisdom on recording.

Record Store Day 2017 | Robby Takac | Goo Goo Dolls.

Goo Goo Dolls' Robby Takac spills on which records have a special meaning to him, and dishes out some recommendations on this Record Store Day…

Record Store Day 2017 | Dave Keuning | The Killers.

Following a recent Revstar shoot with The Killers' Dave Keuning, we hit Lou's Records for a little shopping spree...

Record Store Day 2017 | DOYLE

On this Record Store Day we chat with Misfit Doyle about releases & recommendations.

Billy Sheehan's Acrylic Bass!

Before The Winery Dogs' touring cycle in support of their second album "Hot Streak," Billy asked us to build him an Attitude LTD3 that looked like a deep dark red glass of wine and for it to be infused with LED lights. And it needed to talk...ok, that's not true, but this wasn't going to be an easy task.

YAMAHA FG Exhibition

The world's largest collection of Yamaha's FG guitars recently went on display in Japan for fans to get hands-on with history!

Tony Kanal / Yamaha Interview

A few weeks ago our friend Tony Kanal reached out to see if we could get some of his Yamaha BB’s studio-ready to start recording with his new project, which features fellow No Doubt members Tom Dumont and Adrian Young as well as A.F.I. singer Davey Havok.

SG1802 Stevie D Custom

Yamaha FG 'Start Here FG' campaign terms and conditions

Jack Gibson

Pawel Maciwoda of Scorpions

Yamaha - Mike Stern Interview

Custom Pacifica for Devin Trout (Sam Smith)

"New" BB414 for Robby Takac

Tony Kanal Custom BB3000

Scotti Hill of Skid Row | Custom Pacifica
PACIFICA Scotti Hill Custom Double Locking

Custom Pacifica for Joshua Ray Gooch #1
Custom PAC510V for Joshua Ray

John Patitucci Custom Semi-Hollow bass

Robby Takac BB Gallery

The good news for Robby Takac's bass tech is that no time is wasted cleaning instruments...

Mike Stern in India

Phil X custom guitars in-detail
Phil's custom Pacifica

Rodrigo Y Gabriela / Upcoming new album and tours

Phil X custom guitars in-process