Yamaha Guitar Development Custom Shop | Jack Gibson

Posted by on December 28, 2023

The “Big Four” of thrash—Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, and Slayer—rewrote the rules of metal in the 1980s. And if you were ever to expand that list beyond four bands, Exodus would most certainly make the cut. The Bay Area outfit was wildly influential and are regarded worldwide as pioneers of the genre. For more than 20 years, bassist Jack Gibson has anchored the legendary thrashers, navigating the brutal, intricate progressions without the benefit of a pick, playing his signature fingerstyle lines that were influenced by the likes of Geddy Lee and Billy Sheehan. Fun fact: He’s also a great banjo player (as evidenced by his side project, Coffin Hunter).

A fiercely loyal Yamaha artist (“I’ve played my Yamahas on every recording and tour I’ve ever done,” he says), Gibson recently partnered with the Yamaha Guitar Development Custom Shop to create a one-of-a-kind, Lucite-bodied bass that is both sonically and visually stunning.

It looks awesome and sounds awesome too. It’s been my main bass since I got it.”

“It was inspired by the Dan Armstrong basses that Ampeg put out in the old days,” says Gibson. “We couldn’t make an exact replica because of the licensing, so I asked them to make a BB model instead.” Gibson is no stranger to the sound and feel of BB Series basses. He got his first one in 1988 and has been hooked ever since. “I’ve always just loved the BB Series. I love the old ones and the new ones. There’s just something about the sound they all make. My hands love them.”

Speaking of hands, Gibson was relatively hands-off in the creation process of his latest bass, allowing the Custom Shop luthiers to freely work their magic. “I basically told them what I wanted and let them do the rest. They build them. I play them.”

All of Gibson’s love for his new custom instrument comes at a price, however. “It’s heavy,” he says. “Eighteen pounds—but I love it. It looks awesome and sounds awesome too. It’s been my main bass since I got it.”

If you want to see and hear Jack’s see-through bass, there are plenty of opportunities. “I’ll be on tour with Exodus in November and December of 2023, and making a new album in the winter. I also have a new project with some really awesome people that I’ll be able to talk about soon!”

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