Tony Kanal Custom BB3000

Posted by on September 10, 2015

Tony Kanal | Custom BB

One of Tony Kanal’s favorite basses is a BB3000 he bought in Japan while on tour there in the late ’90s. With that in mind, when we started putting together the concept with Tony for his next YGD BB we decided getting our hands on an original would be a cool starting place.

The BB3000 we found was in Japan and happened to be built in 1983. The worn finish, low frets and installed 3-way switch lead us to believe that this was a well-loved bass and would be perfect for this new concept.

Tony was after a Tele bass aesthetic, which was new for us. At the shop we hand-mixed a light vintage blond finish and worked on a pickguard that was still very Yamaha. The final bass includes the original pickup from 1983, a satin finish, new frets, Hipshot Ultralight tuners and new Yamaha hardware. He’s thrilled with how it came out and so are we!!