Johan Andreassen


In the year of our Lord, 1979 Johan was born in a small town in the Swedish countryside called Kinna! Music was always been an important part of the family and at the early age of 9, Johan started playing the trombone (!?), but soon lost interest when his older brother bought a bass guitar which sounded much more cool.
At the same time, a small school project would finally unite Johan with the bass for good, although slightly unwilling at first. The assignment was to form a band and play a song. Johan initially wanted to beat the crap out of the drums but so did another guy, who already knew how to play. This resulted in a classic standoff which would decide who would be stuck with the four string. They drew straws… Johan lost and ended up on the bass!
The bass eventually grew on Johan and he started playing in all kinds of bands around his hometown. After a couple of years, he relocated to Gothenburg and hooked up with some old friends he used to play with. They were more into metal music than punk and grunge, which Johan grew up with. One thing lead to another and after a drunken late night call from Andy (ex-growler in Amaranthe) he ended up with the band… and the rest is history.

“Amaranthe is something I really love playing! Since there is so much going on in our music the bass takes the place it was supposed to have from the beginning! Straight forward and no messing about and showing off. I´ve never been one of those solo guys and I really like being that guy who lays down that fundament shaking low-frequency that people won’t notice until it´s gone ;)

Just like the Ninjas…I work in "the dark" :D”

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