Rodney Branigan and Tim Snider - Body Language Live

Recorded at The Acoustic Festival of Britain, 2014

Video Credits:-

Producer - Daniel Northfield
Camera Operators - Andrzej Hardie-Douglas, Will Shacklady, Rob Duyvesteyn, Emma Moore, Zee Khattak, Michael Price, Sarmad Qusai, Ben Hall
Sound Engineers - Sarah Downing, Emilia Romagnani-Onida, Andrzej Hardie-Douglas, Mary Browning, Michael Price, Colin Obbard, Adam Foster, Ashley Eastwood,
Editors - Sandra Potoczanin, Daniel Northfield, Will Shacklady
Video Titles & Graphics - Michael Price
Stock Graphic Image - Jack Pidduck and Guitar Based on Image by Roxyn

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All of the video content for The Acoustic Festival of Britain 2014 was produced, edited, and captured by students from Birmingham City University studying in all years of disciplines, from all aspects of multi-media production.