Amanda Hardy


Amanda Hardy is a singer/songwriter from Seattle, Washington. Her career began at the age of thirteen when she was discovered off the internet covering the Alice in Chains song ‘Brother.’ That video led to her playing the 2010 Layne Staley Tribute at the Showbox Market. After realizing that being on stage was her passion, she never looked back. Since then she’s been writing music and performing shows all over the Seattle area including opening for national acts Rob Zombie, Godsmack, Lacuna Coil, Sick Puppies, Anna Nalick, Styx and Queensryche.

More recently she has been working on a new album with Grammy nominated producer Warren Huart. Together they have been writing and recording music that is influenced by the music they love. Amanda has been heavily influenced by the grunge era in Seattle and is putting a modern twist on her music to create a new sound. Amanda is also in Robert M. Knight’s Brotherhood of the Guitar. Through Robert and Warren, she was introduced to Yamaha Artist Relations who have taken her on as one of their artists. She proudly plays the new Yamaha Revstar as her main guitar on stage.