Sacha Dunable


Intronaut's sound is influenced by a wide variety of genres, with songs frequently transitioning from heavy distorted portions into ambient jazz-infused soundscapes. The guitar work is based around distorted, fuzzed guitar tones performing anything from driving head-banging riffs to dissonant metalcore-esque ones. Various metal genres are represented, including heavy metal, stoner metal, post metal, and sludge metal. Bass guitar is uniquely a monumental part of Intronaut's sound, often serving as the main component of certain riffs. Fretless basswork also adds a fluid and psychedelic vibe on select songs. Intronaut frequently and effortlessly shifts from intense metal sections into jazz-inspired ambient ones. These passages employ jazz chord shapes and sounds, with ample reverb to create ethereal breaks from their more intense riffs. Vocals range from screaming to growling to cleans, with very intelligent use of harmonies. The drum work is another notable feature of their sound, and focuses heavily on polymeters and polyrhythms. The beats are succinct and tight, with guitar and bass work often revolving around the beat itself. Intronaut often incorporates more experimental, psychedelic passages into their songs as well, utilizing unique instruments such as sitars and bongos to great effect.